Casserole meals include:  A lettuce salad with your choice of dressing, dinner roll & dessert.

Chicken Supreme
Diced chicken, slivered almonds, water chestnuts and sauce, layered with a delicious vegetable stuffing and cheeses.    

Almond Chicken
Rotisserie chicken & vegetables, smothered in a sauce, and topped with cheeses, almonds, and a crispy crust.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Diced Ham and Chicken in a dill cream sauce, topped with a crispy, nutty crust.     

Poppyseed Chicken
Tender chunked chicken breast smothered in a delicious sauce, and topped with a breaded poppyseed crust.    

Turkey & Broccoli
Diced roasted turkey with broccoli, covered with a delicious cheesy sauce and stuffing.    

Ham & Cheese
A delectable blend of ham and garden rotini, cheeses, and mushroom sauce.    

Beef Casserole
Seasoned ground beef, blended with an array of vegetables, topped with delicious stuffing.    

Mexican Taco Casserole
Seasoned ground beef, mixed with black beans, rice, fresh tomatoes, cheeses and spices.

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