Breakfast Casserole
Egg casserole with your choice of meat (ham, sausage, or bacon), potatoes, cheeses and onion.  Serves 12.

Egg Soufflé
Fluffy egg, cheeses, and chilies soufflé.  Meat can be added for an additional charge.  Serves 12.    

Breakfast Burritos
Tender flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheeses, potatoes, peppers & onions.  Serves 8.    

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
Tender buttermilk biscuits, smothered with thick, homemade sausage gravy.  Serves 12.    

Praline Baked French Toast
Thick slices of French bread, covered with a maple pecan sauce, and baked to perfection.  Serves 8.    

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
A delicious blend of fresh raspberries, preserves, cream cheese, and sliced almonds make this coffee cake not only beautiful, but irresistible! 
Serves 12.    

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
Light and tender homemade cinnamon rolls, smothered with a sugar glaze.  Serves 24.
Pecan Sticky Buns
Tender rolls, covered with a buttery maple sauce and loads of pecans!  Serves 12.
Coffee Cake or Muffins
These traditional favorites in cinnamon swirl, sour cream, blueberry, banana nut, chocolate-chocolate chip, lemon- poppy seed, and more!  Serves 12.
Fresh Fruit Salad
A delicious blend of strawberries, pineapple, melons, and grapes. 
Serves 12.

Frozen Fruit Salad
Strawberries, peaches, pineapple and bananas, frozen in a blend of juices, make this a real favorite!  Serves 12.

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